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About Novum

The ISMAT Novum series of Engineering Plastics include PTFEs (Polytetrafluoroethylene), PEEKs (Polyether Ether Ketone) and other similar materials which have a number of unique properties including nonreactivity, hydrophobicity, a low coefficient of friction, and good insulating properties. PTFE is among the most chemically inert, nontoxic, and nonflammable substances tested under normal usage conditions, and is not metabolized.

novum sealing solutions

Novum P

Virgin PTFE Seals

Novum P is a series of ISMAT PTFEs with high toughness, strength, and good flexibility at low temperatures. Its superior thermal properties and chemical resistance make it ideal for industries with aggressive materials like chemical processing and pharmaceuticals.

Novum M

Modified PTFE Seals

Novum M is a series of Modified PTFEs (TFMs) from ISMAT that has many advantages over virgin PTFE. It retains the latter’s chemical resistance and low coefficient of friction while improving weldability, fatigue performance and elongation, and having lower deformation under load.

Novum GF

Glass Filled PTFE Seals

Novum GF is a series of glass-filled PTFEs from ISMAT that have improved mechanical and wear properties, but lower tensile strength, compared to virgin PTFEs.

Novum CF

Carbon Filled PTFE Seals

Novum CF is a series of carbon-filled PTFEs, specially developed by ISMAT for high load applications. Some materials in this range are also API 6A certified for use in sour environments. 

Novum GC

Glass and Carbon Filled PTFE Seals

Novum GC is a series of glass and carbon filled PTFEs from ISMAT that have improved strength and wear properties compared to virgin PTFEs.

Novum BF

Bronze Filled PTFE Seals

Novum BF is a series of bronze-reinforced PTFEs from ISMAT that have excellent hardness and compression strength, while also maintaining good electrical and thermal conductivity.

Novum CN

Copper Nickel PTFE Seals

Novum CN is a series of copper-nickel compounded PTFEs, specially developed by ISMAT for its versatility and deformation resistance.

Novum PK

High Performance PEEK Seals

Novum PK is a series of high performance PEEK engineering plastics from ISMAT with outstanding chemical resistance, mechanical strength and dimensional stability.

Novum PKC

High Performance PEEK Composite Seals

Novum PKC is a series of high performance PEEK composites from ISMAT. Each material in this series has its own set of fillers (carbon, glass, PTFE, etc.) which gives it characteristics ideal for specific applications.

Novum PCT

High Performance PCTFE Seals

Novum PCT is a series of high performance thermoplastics (PCTFEs) from ISMAT with high tensile strength and good chemical resistance. Its superior mechanical properties make it ideal for use in cryogenic conditions.

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